Search : Our teams conduct research work according to your criteria on the country or region of your desires. We stay in the area to gather the maximum amount of information to find properties that are not yet available on the market because, from experience, exceptional properties require a thorough search. Our teams are fully immersed with accommodation and means of transportation to carry out precise and in-depth research. This search on various channels is only possible thanks to the expertise of our collaborators who uncover rare gems. A real investigation is necessary to deliver the expected results to the client. We commit to finding the perfect property or properties according to your criteria and aspirations.

The team has in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and the ability to carry out comprehensive research to identify properties that match specific client criteria.

Shortlist : Our teams will work closely with you to select the properties closest to your request. A short list will be defined with 8 properties corresponding to your desires over a period of twelve months if necessary.

Property visits : We take care of the complete organization of all the necessary trips for you and your family, in view of the visits of the pre-selected properties. If the virtual tour proves to be the only viable option, we will plan the sessions taking into account your availability.

Negotiation : We offer you our professional assistance for the negotiation of the acquisition of your property. We will rigorously follow your instructions in order to transmit them to the seller, in order to obtain a successful negotiation.

Legal support : The rules and laws are different depending on the European country and the acquisition of a property may in some cases require various external parties such as a lawyer, a notary, the solicitation of state services... Our teams take care of supporting you in the management of these various stakeholders in order to validate the contractual and legal part of your acquisition. We carry out in-depth research to guarantee the reliability of the properties, by carrying out checks and analyzes of the title deeds, legal history, urban planning aspects, etc.

Organization of the signing : You have chosen a property that corresponds to your request, we take care of organizing the signing and bringing together all the stakeholders for the proposed date.

Follow-up : Once all the verification points and the acquisition signature have been completed, we can assist you in monitoring the work, construction, compliance with deadlines and specifications. Management of your

Property : Several management services are offered and can be set up to maintain and secure your property on a daily basis.